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California Bat Conservation Fund
Bat Conservation International
Key to Bats of Central California
Redwood Region Audubon Society
Local chapter offers field trips and program meetings and more
Local Birding Workshops and ClassesBirding Festivals
LBJ Enterprises
Biological consulting, birdwatching tours, birdwatching classes, bird books and birding resources for Northern California and beyond.
Mad River Biologists
Offers several training courses which provide participants with specialized bird observer, identification, and surveying skills.
Godwit Days
Birding festival held at the peak of spring migration, shorebirds abound and special opportunities are planned to see many other species including Marbled Murrelet, Spotted Owl and Snowy Plover.
Annual Aleutian Goose Festival
WolvesMountain Lions
International Wolf CenterMountain Lion Foundation
The International Association for Bear Research and Management 
Other OrganizationsWildlife Tracks
National Wildlife Federation
American Society of Mammologists
The Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology
Mammal Tracks